(Don't be) SPINELESS

December 2009

In Linguistics, Morphology is the study of how words in language are created or changed. Language is a constantly shifting and changing entity. We blend words together, insert sounds, delete sounds to make new words. We create new words so that we may have new ways of expressing ourselves. We must create because human beings are innately and infinitely creative. Language is complex and so are we.

This issue Morphology is not limited to words in language. Art allows us to morph ourselves and the world around us to recreate the world and the things we see and feel.

In essence, Morphology is about change and creation. Shifting and contorting shapes to create something new - something grotesque, something beautiful, something frightening. Anything at all.

Writing Submissions 
The poetry and prose in this issue focus on presenting something ordinary while simultaneously giving the ordinary an unusual twist. It changes the ordinary to extraordinary and allows us to see life from a new angle.

Art Submissions
Like the writers in this issue, the artists have also morphed the ordinary into extraordinary. Through their creative and distinct styles, they offer us provocative insights. They reveal the world to us in a way that we may have never realized before. They point out the little things we've missed and help us to look deeper within ourselves for answers.


Morphology - the fourth issue